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Environmental Health

When your device and software environment is in constant flux, knowing exactly where you stand makes a huge difference.

Discover & address gaps

Organizational change requires almost constant care and feeding of your systems management infrastructure. Analyzing, interpreting, and securing an ever changing pool of user and devices is no easy task. Falling behind leaves the entire organization more vulnerable and less nimble. Keep your environment healthy with Right Click Tools. Visualize gaps in one pane of glass, purge stale users and devices records from AD and MEMCM, audit changes and specific user and device actions ensuring the right people are accessing the right objects.

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active directory cleanup dashboard

Scan Configuration Manager and Active Directory for devices, showing results about where those devices are: in just ConfigMgr, just AD, or (properly) in both. Device actions can be taken on results.

trend analysis

See compliance levels over time, pulled into one place and easily sharable with management. See BitLocker, LAPS, AD Cleanup and Software Updates compliance levels.

quick query

Improve the WQL query experience with larger and more complex queries, returning results quicker and allowing changes to the query statement on the fly.

user tools

Reset password, unlock account, view group memberships, and more.

status message tool

View status messages in 24 different console locations.

“When you’re troubleshooting in a new environment, you don’t even know what you need. Right Click Tools tells you in a clear and efficient way.”


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