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Right Click Tools

Get the most powerful ConfigMgr plugin on the market

Join thousands of the world’s largest organizations securing their environments with Right Click Tools

“Improved Security Reporting and Compliance—hands down the best patch reporting tools I have ever seen for SCCM. I cannot overstate the value here.”


How Right Click Tools revolutionized systems management

In every environment, there are potential vulnerabilities. Finding and addressing all of them is near impossible without the right tools. Right Click Tools help to reduce overall enterprise risk, ensuring compliance of encryption, privileged access, software updates, and more. Plus, save hundreds of hours per year by automating tedious and error-prone tasks.

Empower your team to surface critical intel, reveal vulnerabilities, quickly remediate issues, ensure compliance, enhance security, and maintain clear visibility across all devices.

Expand for a Summary of Right Click Tools Enterprise Features

SECURITY & COMPLIANCE– Right Click Tools features dashboards and tools that empower organizations to boost compliance levels and reduce their attack surfaces. From the Software Update Deployment Status Dashboard to the Remote Windows Security tool, increased compliance is just a right click away.

CONTENT DISTRIBUTION– Managing Distribution Points in ConfigMgr can be a tall task whithout the proper intel at your disposal. Our Content Distribution Monitor Dashboard brings all of the necessary information to one place with the ability to mitigate issues.

INVENTORY & VISIBILITY– Knowing is half the battle when it comes to endpoints in your environment. Our Hardware and Firmware Audit Dashboard serves as a central inventory of the endpoints in your environment. Having all this info in one place enables you to make more informed decisions on device refreshes and budgeting.

KIOSK MANAGEMENT– Simplify control of your single use devices with our Kiosk Management add on to Right Click Tools. Create profiles the way you want and deploy them when needed. Easily manage Unified Write Filter to return devices to a clean state.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH– Surface critical intel about your environment. Whether it be your endpoints or the distribution points, Right Click Tools brings all of the necessary information to the forefront while also allowing you to take action.

WORKFLOW AUTOMATION– Scripting is powerful but can be difficult to master. With Builder/Runner we put the power of custom Right Click Tools in your hands. Build custom automations in an easy to understand visual workflow utilizing the commands we use to build the Right Click Tools.

ROLE BASED PERMISSIONS– Access control is the first step to achieving a more secure environment. This same principle applies to your ConfigMgr environment. Utilizing Recast Management Server you can configure permissions so that only the people who need the ability to take actions can or give read only access to those who need to have visibilty without taking actions.

ENVIRONMENT TRENDS– Right Click Tools Trend Dashboards enable you to track of your environment’s trends in one place. By compiling trend information visually, it allows for a quick view to see the overall health of your environment in different areas and to quickly take actions.

See how Slinger School District uses Right Click Tools to improve the help desk experience and synchronize data in Active Directory and ConfigMgr.

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