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The 10 Most Used Right Click Tools Community Tools for ConfigMgr

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The 10 Most Used Right Click Tools Community Tools for ConfigMgr

Last year a community site was kind enough to share the 10 most used Right Click Tools. Now we’re going to do a deeper dive into it, giving you a demo of each one.*

* 1, 3, 10 are closely related, so I’ll merge those into the same post, and since we’re cheating and merging a few, we’ll add a few bonus ones.

We’re going to demo each one quickly in my lab, but if you already use Right Click Tools, you’ll be very familiar with them, as you probably use many of these daily. If you have any questions about these tools, please reach out to us and we can setup a demo with you and your team.

The Top 10 Community Tools

  1. Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle
  2. Connect to C$
  3. Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle
  4. Add Devices to Collection(s) | Remove Devices from Collection(s)
  5. Remote Software Center
  6. Deployment Launcher
  7. System Information
  8. Ping System(s)
  9. Show Collections – Advanced
  10. Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle

Honorable Mentions

The following three tools were too close to the top 10 to not mention

Client Information

1st Honorable Mention

The Client Information tool provides several types of information and available actions regarding the ConfigMgr client.

Software Updates Deployment Status Dashboard

2nd Honorable Mention

This tool displays the update compliance for each update classification in your environment. It allows you to obtain detailed information about each update classification and take action on devices as needed. This tool can be filtered by Collection, Software Update Group(s), Deployed Updates, time and by Update Type.

Software Updates Deployment Status - 10 most used Right Click Tools

AD Cleanup Dashboard

3rd Honorable Mention

This tool runs a scan to compare device object data in SCCM and AD in order to show where devices are located. It can be filtered by Domain, OU and Collection.

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