Disable Bitlocker

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Disable Bitlocker

This step simply suspends bitlocker. It does not trigger a remove of bitlocker, but only suspends it for the next reboot(s). This is handy when applying firmware updates, or doing in-place reimaging (refresh).

MS Docs


Variables for Disable BitLocker

These are used to set the number of reboots to keep Bitlocker suspended. Check out the links for additional details



The Step Image

Disable Bitlocker 1
The Step is simple, pick the drive, or have the TS determine the system drive for you, then pick how many reboots to suspend bitlocker for.
In the log, you can see how the settings relate to the log and how it builds the manage-bde command line.

Disable Bitlocker 2

Here you see a status taken before the step runs, and one after. The difference is the Protection Status: value. After the step runs, the protection is disabled for 1 reboot.

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