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Recast’s New Agent, Leverage the ConfigMgr Fast Channel – Silent Install

As a follow-up to our previous post announcing Recast’s New Agent, Leverage the ConfigMgr Fast Channel, here we’re going to cover a more normal enterprise scenario with the Recast Agent, deploying with ConfigMgr silently to however many endpoints you want.

I’ve set up the Recast Agent in my lab for deployment via ConfigMgr.

Source Folder:

This contains the MSI download and the Recast license file. In upcoming releases of the Agent, you will no longer need the license file.

ConfigMgr App:

Point at the MSI.
The Wizard imports the MSI and creates the application.
Here we have to update the command line and I’ve copied the version from the MSI name.

Command Line:

msiexec /i “Recast Agent.msi /qn LICENSEPATH=”YourFile.License” RCTENTERPRISESERVER=https://YourRecastServer.fqdn:444


msiexec /i “Recast Agent-4.2.2004.4701-132343141880656661.msi” /qn LICENSEPATH=”RecastSoftware.license” RCTENTERPRISESERVER=

With additional logging:
msiexec /i “Recast Agent-4.2.2004.4803-132345694436492420.msi” /qn /lv %temp%\RecastAgentInstall.log LICENSEPATH=”RecastSoftware.license” RCTENTERPRISESERVER=”″

NOTE: Soon you won’t even need to use the LICENSEPATH parameter if you use the RCTENTERPRISESERVER property as it will pull the license info from the server!

In my lab for this demo, I made a collection for machines that typically connect via CMG, but you can deploy to whatever machines you want.


In this example, I’ve set the deployment to Required, but also to show in Software Center and to create notifications.

This works nicely while you are testing so you can confirm your test machines have the deployment and that the install works properly.

Keep in mind, that when you’re deploying to several machines, you’ll want to make silent deployments hidden in Software Center.

Hope you found that helpful.

– Gary Blok