Building a CM Lab - ConfigMgr Install [8]

Post 8, the post where we actually install Configuration Manager.

We've been building up to this one, all the ground work has been laid. Let install ConfigMgr.

Troubleshooting... when I went to install ConfigMgr I found that my Schema was NOT extended, even through I thought It was.  So I did it manually on the DC itself following the directions on Docs

The latest version that was available when I wrote this post was 1910, however the download available was 1902... so we'll install 1902 and then update it.

For my Lab, This is my first CM Server and it is the Primary
Directing the PreReqs that CM Downloads to my storage drive.
Pick your 3 digit site code. Do NOT use 000... Start with a Letter, and make is "Flow" on your keyboard as you'll be typing it a lot in the future. Select your Site Name, just something that makes sense. Feel free to direct the install to a custom location, I'm using the default here.
You'll want to set this up, as this will be how we update it to 1910
This is good, you don't want it to find anything.  If it does, you'll need to resolve them first.
This can take awhile..
And you're done. Your CM Server should be setup to the point it's operational to launch the console.
Checking out the Monitoring Tab, you can see how it's going.
So I ran the 1910 upgrade under Administration -> Updates and Servicing, now to run the HotFix Rollup

I'd recommend not doing a bunch of the settings until you've setup 1910 and hotfix.  I had started to configure things, just to have the changes lost, or new features popup that I needed to reconfigure.

In the next post, I'll go into getting things setup now that you have a CM Primary Site.

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