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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 10 – ConfigMgr Collections and App Deployments

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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 10

ConfigMgr Collections/App Deployments

So now we have a functional ConfigMgr Server, lets set up some Collections and Create a few Apps [MS Docs Collection Overview]

There is a great community script available that I used to create a bunch of handy collections. While I ended up deleting a ton that will not pertain to my lab, it still saved me a ton of time.

Assets and Compliance Device Collections
After running the script, here are some of the collections I kept.

I also then made a collection for OSD Baremetal and included the “Unknown Computer” Collections to make OSD easier. [MS Docs Creating Collections]

Now over to User Collections

Assets and Compliance User Collections
I’ve created a user collection using a direct rule on an AD Collection.  Any users in that AD Collection will see all deployments made to this collection.

Now lets make an easy app and deploy it so we can test it out. [MS Docs Create Application] [MS Docs Deploy]

Software Library WIMIExplorer Options
Here is a simple app, which I’ve made available to the User Collection
Software Center User COllections
Software Center (on a VM I already created with OSD…. we’ll get to that yet). WMI Explorer as well as a few other apps I’ve deployed to this user collection are available.

Next up, lets do a simple OSD Test, make sure all the parts are working before we import a fancy TS.

Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch Series

Series Introduction – Building a CM Lab from Scratch

  1. Setting up your Domain Controller
  2. Creating a Router for your Lab using Windows Server 
  3. Certificate Authority – On Domain Controller [Optional]
  4. ConfigMgr Server Pre-Reqs (Windows Features)
  5. Configuration Settings (AD & GPOs)
  6. Source Server (File Share)
  7. ConfigMgr SQL Install
  8. ConfigMgr Install
  9. ConfigMgr Basic Settings
  10. ConfigMgr Collections & App Deployment – You are Here
  11. ConfigMgr OSD
  12. ConfigMgr Reporting Services
  13. Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Certs PreReq
  14. Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Azure Subscription
  15. Azure Services Connection
  16. Setting up CMG in the Console
  17. Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Post CMG Config
  18. Cloud Management Gateway – Client CMG Endpoints
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