Building a CM Lab – Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Post CMG Config [17]

In our previous posts, we’ve setup the pre-reqs and the CMG, now it’s time to continue setting up CM to leverage the CMG.  If you’re following along with MS Docs, we’re up to here [Adding a CMG Connection Point]!

Cloud Management Gateway Connection Point

On one of your site servers, I’m using my Primary Site server which basically does everything in my lab, I’m adding the role “Cloud management gateway connection point”

Administration -> Site Configuration -> Servers and Site System Roles -> Right Click Server -> Add Site System Role

Check the box for CMG Connection Point
Choose the CMG you wish to associate with it, odds are good you only have one, the one you just setup.

Go ahead and finish the wizard out and let the site add the role.

Setup your site for CMG Traffic [MS Docs]

We need to let the management point know we allow CMG traffic and to allow internet connections.

Administration -> Site Configuration -> Servers and Site System Roles

Setup a Boundary Group [MS Docs]

In my lab, I didn’t create a specific boundary group for CMG, I set my site to have a fall back time out of 0

Set Client Settings [MS Docs]

Cloud Services: Allow access to cloud dp = Yes | Enable clients to use CMG: Yes

Alright, so now that everything is setup, You’ll need to decide, what content do you want to make available via CMG. Hopefully you’ve got MS Updates setup to go back to Microsoft, so you don’t need to keep those on your CMG.
In the Next post I’m going to demo pushing content to the CMG then showing a client on CMG install an app.

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