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Building a CM Lab – Cloud Management Gateway – Client CMG Endpoints [18]

So now we’ve got everything in place, let’s do some Cloud Management Gateway tests to confirm it’s working.

Let’s put some content on the CMG DP, I’m going to put the M365 content on it. Now I’m not suggesting doing this, you’d want to use the Microsoft CDN for M365 instead of your own CMG, but that’s another blog.

Here I’m adding the content to my on-prem DP Group and my CMG DP group

Ok, now we wait for that to distribute. I’ve also added a few other smaller apps to speed up my testing.

Test Process:
Created VM via OSD while connected to infrastructure. (on Prem)

Took Laptop hosting VM home and booted VM which is no longer on Lab Network.  The VM had an internet connection via my personal home internet.

On the VM (below), you can see it is getting an IP Address from my home personal network, it is connected to the CMG Management point. I’m going to go ahead and install an app from the software center.

Here you can see in the CAS log when I clicked “Install” that it does a lookup for the content and finds it on the CMG DP. It then puts in the Download Request and pulls down the Content over the internet via the CMG.

Meanwhile, back in the CM Console, you can see how many machines are checking into CMG:

So far, in my lab, I only have 2 machines connecting to CMG, which is all that I’ve tested.

So now if you’ve been following along, you’ve set up CMG and all the components and done some testing. You should be on your way.  If there is anything else you’d like covered or gone into more detail, let me know. You might also find the answers to your questions in the following section.

Additional CMG Resources:

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