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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 4 – ConfigMgr Server Pre-Reqs

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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 4

ConfigMgr Server Pre-Reqs

This is the big one. This is our ConfigMgr server, so much is happening to set up this server it’s going to take a few posts. This post is covering some basics, and the prereqs, we’ll move into SQL & the actual CM Install in upcoming posts.


  • ConfigMgr Server – Current Branch
  • Name:
  • LAN 1: Static IP (Internal Lab Network)
  • C Drive = 100GB (1 Virtual Disk)
  • D Drive = 50GB (1 Virtual Disk) Used for SQL Database
  • E Drive = 500GB (1 Virtual Disk) Used for DP Content Source Server
  • Memory = 8GB
  • CPU = 4 Cores
No SMS on Drive SMS

Drive Layout.  NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS on all drives except the drive that I’m planning to hold the CM Content.

The first thing I’m going to do is save myself a bunch of time and use ConfigMgrPrerequisites Tool – MSEndpointMgr to get my server ready. Because this is my lab server, I’m comfortable installing Microsoft Edge and using that to connect to the internet when I need to download things like this. I would not recommend this in production, and honestly, once this is set up and I’ve created an “Admin Workstation”, I’ll probably remove it as I’ll barely ever connect to the server again.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

Once I launched the Tool, I installed the Primary Site Pre Reqs.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

Once this is completed, I go ahead and install the prereqs for the MP & DP roles.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

On this screen above, I choose Management Point and click Install, then when complete, I choose Distribution Point and click Install. For now, that’s all I plan to set up in my lab, if you have additional roles you want to use, you can add the prereqs now.

Now using this tool, I’m going to extend the AD Schema. The Account I’m logged in with doesn’t have this right, so I need to add an account that does.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

Using the Directory / Schema tool, I have it detect my DC, then I browse to where I have the file.  I’ve mounted the ConfigMgr ISO as drive F. The tool then so nicely shows me where to browse to so I can connect to the required exe. I also then check the box to use the alternate credentials I created in the last step.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools
Stage Error
BUMMER… ok, so apparently trying to use an account with less privilege is just making it harder on me. New Plan, add my current account (CMAdmin) into Domain Admins while I do the CM Install, then take it back out.  I can do this because it’s a lab… OR you can run this tool directly on the DC using the domain admin account that you used to set up DNS / DHCP. That might be easier still. Same steps, just done on the DC directly.
Schema Extension

No surprise there, making my account domain admin resolved the issue!… but still recommend just doing this on the DC instead of remotely from the CM Server.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

Now we’ll create the AD Container, avoiding the need to open ADSI Editor and do this manually.

System Management Container

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tool

Now I’m going to ad my configmgr_servers AD Group to the with full rights.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

It says success, but can we trust it?

Active Directory Users and Computers

Yes, apparently we can. Everything is here.

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

So let’s finish up the prereqs with the ADK – You also have to choose the WinPE addon for 1903!

ConfigMgr Support for ADK [MS Docs] More info about the ADK [MS Docs]

ConfigMgr Prerequisite Tools

Alright, we’ve got our server in a good place for doing the next thing… setting up SQL.

Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch Series

Series Introduction – Building a CM Lab from Scratch

  1. Setting up your Domain Controller
  2. Creating a Router for your Lab using Windows Server
  3. Certificate Authority – On Domain Controller [Optional]
  4. ConfigMgr Server Pre-Reqs (Windows Features) – You are Here
  5. Configuration Settings (AD & GPOs)
  6. Source Server (File Share)
  7. ConfigMgr SQL Install
  8. ConfigMgr Install
  9. ConfigMgr Basic Settings
  10. ConfigMgr Collections & App Deployment
  11. ConfigMgr OSD
  12. ConfigMgr Reporting Services
  13. Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Certs PreReq
  14. Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) – Azure Subscription
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  18. Cloud Management Gateway – Client CMG Endpoints
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