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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 2 – Gateway Virtual Machine (VM)

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Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch: Step 2

Setting up the Gateway Virtual Machine, a virtual router

If we have a lab and we want to keep it separate from rest of our environment, we need a gateway. You can do this with a Linux VM, another physical router, or several other options. For our lab, we decided to use Microsoft Windows Server to be our gateway. After setting this up, looking back, it would have been easier to setup the DC first, so I’d recommend doing that, then setting this up.

Gateway Server

  • Name:
  • LAN 1: DHCP (External Network)
  • LAN 2: Static IP (Internal Lab Network)
  • Windows Roles: RAS [MS Docs]

At this point, I’ve installed Windows Server 2019, set the Name, the IP Address, ran MS Updates and installed the RAS Role by running a PowerShell commands: 

Install-WindowsFeature DirectAccess-VPN -IncludeManagementTools

Install-WindowsFeature Routing

Once that finishes, you can go ahead and setup the “Router” feature.

Server Manager Remote Access

With Remote Access Highlighted, click “More” which will then launch the details and you can launch the wizard.

Configure Remote access

Deploy VPN Only Option.

Routing and Remote access

Routing and Remote Access will Open, right click on the computer name (GATEWAY) and choose “Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access.”

Routing and Remote Access Server Server setup Wizard
Remte and Routing Access server Setup Wizard

Choose the “NAT” Option.

Routing and Remote Access Server setup Wizard

Pick the External NIC for your public interface.

Routing and remote Access server setup wizard

I’m choosing “Setup later” because these services will be on my DC.

Routing and Remote Access Server Setup Wizard
DC Virtual MAchine Connection

Nearly instantly my DC gained internet access by being able to use the router function on the gateway PC.

This is probably the easiest server you’ll be setting up. If you run into any issue, don’t worry, go ahead and setup the DC. Once you setup the DC, you need to remember to come back to the GATEWAY and join it to the domain.

Building a ConfigMgr Lab from Scratch Series

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  6. Source Server (File Share)
  7. ConfigMgr SQL Install
  8. ConfigMgr Install
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