Building a CM Lab - ConfigMgr [MEMCM] Installing SQL [7]

Post 7, the favorite part of setting up your CM Server, Installing SQL. I dislike it so much that I've stolen a script to make it less painful.

So far, we've got our Gateway, DC and started to setup our ConfigMgr Lab Server, in this installment, I'll be going over the SQL install for CM... on box.  For deeper dive into SQL recommendations, check out this WhitePaper

So to make this process easier and more shiny, I'm stealing a page out of Johan's book, well it's actually an unattend file from his blog, but you get it. For a step by step, you can follow this process based on SQL 2016.
Please note, depending on the version of SQL you install, it's going to be different. I'm using 2019, which does not have Report Services, and will do a future post talking about Report Services Setup for CM.

I copied his unattend file, changed several of the paths from the drive letters he had to drive D: and then replaced the group viamonstra\administrators to dev\SQL_Admins

That worked so nicely, quickest way to install SQL I've ever done.. here are the parts I changed:

And after the process finished, which felt so fast I didn't think it ran... but when I checked...
Look, it's all there.. just need to download and install SSMS

So I've downloaded SQL Server Management Studio from HERE, Lets get it installed.

Well that was easy.

Now back to the wonderful prereq tool to do a couple additional items. We can use this tool to confirm that SQL is up and running and set a few settings.

First we point at the server with SQL installed, which happens to be the local host
I'm using the tool to set the DB to 8GB, adjust for your environment.
And success!

Confirming the Collation we set in the unattend, we're good.

Now at this point, things are progressing nicely, lets install WSUS. We needed to have SQL installed first, and now we can install WSUS to use the SQL Database.

The WSUS Tab

And now WSUS is installed.

After you've done the WSUS setup in PreReq Tool, you can finish the setup on the Server

I've placed the WSUSContent onto my E (Storage) Drive.

Ok, so now we have everything ready to install ConfigMgr on this Server. Overall, not bad, pretty easy thanks to the community. Next we'll start installing MEMCM!

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