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4.2 What’s New – Client Information

What’s new with Recast Right Click Tools 4.2?  We’re going to talk about the Client Information Tool [Recast Docs]. From the docs: “The Client Information tool provides several types of information and available actions regarding the ConfigMgr client.”

The nifty feature that we’ve added in this release is to enable mutli-machine support. What does that mean? You can now right click on a collection or several computers and launch this tool and it will present the data accordingly.

Client Information
On the General tab, it will show the CM client version installed on the clients selected. This will help you track down machines that have the current client and any that you might have deal with.
Configuration Manager Client Info
This will list the components of the CM Client and the individual versions.
Client Info Cache Tabs
The Cache Tab shows the CM Cache size, if you expand, it will provide additional details as well. You can also select some or all machines, set the desired cache size and click “Change Cache Size”
Client Info Cache Details
The Cache Details will display the collective of all the items in the caches among the selected machines. You also can choose items to clear from the cache on all of the machines you’ve selected. This will launch a progress dialog menu with details about the action.
Client Info Applications
Applications, this displays the applications / programs that are deployed to the machines. It will also show which machines have had the deployment successfully install the application on. You can trigger the deployment to Install the application, or trigger the uninstall.
Client info Execution History
In Execution History, we’ll see the history for all of the deployments that have run. You can also trigger it to run again from this tab.
Client Info Boundaries
Boundaries, this will give you a list of all the boundaries associated with the machines you’ve selected.

Thanks for joining as we covered the updated Client information tool. Find us on twitter, we’d love to hear how you use these tools to solve problems and save time.

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