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Recast Software Releases Version 5.0

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This version 5.0 release marks a significant shift in the backend infrastructure of the Recast Software product suite. We’ve rebuilt all our products from the ground up. This overhaul streamlines future update processes, while also paving the path for more secure 3rd-party integrations. All of Recast Software’s products will now be labeled 5.0 going forward.  

What Changed for our Users with the Version 5.0 Release?

For one, Recast Management Server has a new design. This is primarily intended to improve usability for end users by introducing a more intuitive, modern look. Report drilldowns within Right Click Tools web dashboards and dashboard trends are now tabbed, making it easier to select and view the connected information within pie chart segments. The reporting features will also produce data more efficiently and quickly. 

With the 5.0 release, you can now also view, edit, and delete your Recast Management Server connections to AD domains, ConfigMgr, and MBAM in one place, the Service Connections page. Previously, we used a combination of service connections and scopes, requiring the use of scopes to manage the connections. With version 5.0, scopes are configured behind the scenes so the user doesn’t need to manage them. 

Recast Software releases version 5.0

Privilege Manager Integrated in Version 5.0 Release

Privilege Manager, our privileged access management product, is now integrated into Recast Management Server (RMS). You can view and manage Privilege Manager Licenses, Recast Agents, Agent Gateways, Service Connections, and Settings in the RMS web interface. Many of our users work with Right Click Tools and additional Recast Software products like Privilege Manager. Managing multiple products under one user interface makes working within your environment easier. 

Finally, version 5.0 resolves Microsoft Configuration Manager v2207 compatibility issues. Those Right Click Tools users working with ConfigMgr v2207 should download the 5.0 release soon.  

Ready for the Future

Going forward, our product improvement and maintenance will be developed on the new 5.0 infrastructure. Recast will continue to support software versions released within the previous two years (currently version 4.8 and above), but access to new features and bug fixes will require an update to a 5.x release. 

To see a preview, check out the video below highlighting some of the version 5.0 changes. You can also read more and download version 5.0 here

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