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Top Use Cases for Locking Down Devices in ConfigMgr (Using Kiosk Manager)

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Top Use Cases for Locking Down Devices in ConfigMgr (Using Kiosk Manager)

In a recent customer survey, we found that the use cases for locking down devices are wide and vary by industry, from healthcare to education to manufacturing. Right Click Tools’ Kiosk Manager (previously Lab Manager) allows customers to support common kiosk-style requirements, including Shell Replacement, Automatic Login, Restart on Idle, and more.

Locking Down Devices in School Computer Labs

Based on survey results, the top use case for locking down devices is student computer labs, due in large part to state testing requirements. You can read more about how one customer saves hundreds of hours by auto logging in hundreds of computers for state testing here.

Locking Down Devices in Libraries and Digital Ad Firms

Tied for the second highest use cases are Library Kiosks and Digital Advertising, submitted from a variety of industries. See a step-by-step guide on how to create digital signage players using Kiosk Manager here.

Many more use cases were submitted. Here’s the full list:

  • Factory floor machines
  • Patient rooms
  • Walk up registration station for parents at school
  • Application consoles
  • Employee kiosks
  • Surveys on parent-teacher night
  • Benefits kiosks for hourly employees
  • Office Raptor kiosk
  • Time clocks
  • Internet-only kiosks
  • Collaboration PCs using Intel Unite software
  • Member Kiosks

Do you have other use cases for Kiosk Manager? Let us know @RecastSoftware.

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