What’s New in Right Click Tools: February Release Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of the new features added, and bugs fixed in Right Click Tools for Febarury. Each month we will provide a full recap of what’s new and each quarter we will publish a series of deep dives of all the big new features you’ve been asking for. Enterprise Customers can install the latest version by logging into your Portal Account.

New Features Added:

  • Remote Software Center – Add right click menus to nested devices
  • Add support for streamed actions in Recast Management Server

Bugs Fixed:

  • Open Content Source Path – Null reference exception on application deployment type content source
  • File not found exception when clicking the link on the update window
  • Set LAPS Password Expiration – Key not found exception
  • Kiosk Manager – Auto logon no longer works
  • AD LAPS Password – Font for password field makes it difficult to distinguish between a capital i and lowercase L
  • Recast Desktop Installer – ConfigMgr console prereq check should work for 2012 R2
  • Remote Software Center – Installing applications does notwork when connected to Recast Management Server

If you have ideas for making Right Click Tools even better, we would love to hear them. Please share your new ideas with the community or vote for your favorites on our Feature Request page.

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