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4.2 What’s New – Hardware & Firmware Dashboard

What’s new with Recast Right Click Tools 4.2?  We’re going to talk about the Hardware & Firmware Audit Dashboard [Recast Docs]. From the docs: “This tool Scans your environment and displays the Chassis Type, Manufacturer, and Model of the computers in your ConfigMgr Collections in a chart. This tool can also show UEFI and SecureBoot status as well as Chassis Type, Operating System Version, and BIOS Version”

In 4.2, we’ve added BIOS version gathering along with UEFI & SecureBoot status. There’s a lot to love about this dashboard. Instant reporting. The ability to tract drift of BIOS versions, along with surfacing any machines still running in Legacy mode. Helps make sure you can ensure workstations are running in modes which allows you to leverage the latest Windows 10 Security Features.

Hardware and Firmware Audits export
You can drill down on so many different characteristics, you can get the data you want, then you can even export to CSV file.
Hardware and firmware audit BIOS version
You can drill down to find all the different BIOS version installed on a specific model, ideally you’d only get one BIOS Version, otherwise you’ve got a drift issue that you will want to look into remediating.
Hardware and Firmware Audit data
Just another example of the great data this exposes.

Thanks for joining us as we cover the updated Dashboard.  Find us on twitter, we’d love to hear how you use these tools to solve problems and save time.

Join the 4.2 webinar on April 29th / 30th to learn more.

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