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4.2 What’s New – System Information

What’s new with Recast Right Click Tools 4.2?  We’re going to talk about the System Information Tool [Recast Docs]. From the docs: “This tool pulls a variety of system information and allows several right click actions.”

The nifty feature that we’ve added in this release is to enable mutli-machine support. What does that mean? You can now right click on a collection or several computers and launch this tool and it will present the data accordingly.

System Info Operating system
Operating System: Displays the OS Name, Version, Build and how many devices (from the group you selected) are running those.
System Info Hardware Model information
Hardware: Returns a list of the Model information from the items you selected.
System Info Applications Uninstall
Applications: This list will contain a break down of all applications installed on the machines. You can select an application then choose Uninstall and have it removed from all the machines you’ve selected.
System Info update installation
Windows Updates: Lists all of the MS Updates that have been installed
system info Services running
Services: List of all services on the machines. Helpful when looking for rouge services or confirming specific services are running.
System info drivers
Drivers: Get a listing of all drivers installed on the selected computers. You can use this to confirm versions of drivers, help reduce drift by understanding what models have which drivers and which versions. Or have you ever had a computer that is missing a driver or is acting odd, and one that is working well, use this to compare the drivers between them.
System info User Profiles
User Profiles: Lists all of the user profiles that exist on the machines with the ability to delete them.  Ever want to do a spot check on a selection of computers of who has logged on…. now you can quite easily.
System Information
You can confirm which machines the profiles are on too.
System info Local Group Members
Local Group Members: This will provide membership of the local groups, a great way to track down local admins on machines, or pull a user from a group
System Info Batteries
Batteries:  Here you’ll get battery information for all the machines that have batteries.

Thanks for joining us as we cover the updated System information tool. Find us on twitter or at Recast Software. We’d love to hear how you use these tools to solve problems and save time.

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