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Right Click Tools 4.2 – What’s New Overview

We here at Recast are keeping busy, writing code and adding new features to Right Click Tools at an increasing rate. Here’s a look back at a few new features we shipped in the first quarter of 2020, including updates to:

  • Remote Software Center
  • Client Info
  • System Info
  • Hardware and Firmware Audit Dashboard
  • Large Collection Support

Remote Software Center will now display items deployed to users.

Remote Software Center Application Deployment
In this image we highlighted the Application Deployment for “Edge Enterprise Stable”, and you can see from the Console section on the bottom that it was deployed to a user collection “All Users”

Client Info, and System Info now support multiple devices at the same time. This is pretty cool. You want to get an overview of a collection or group of computers?  See how many computers have cached a specific piece of content? See how many and which computers installed an application? Now you can easily do that.

Client Info
Client Info: List of the Applications Deployed to the Machines from CM
Client Info Cache Size
Client Info: Cache Sizes and how many devices are set to that… which I actually found interesting, and this surfaced something I didn’t expect.
System information
System Information: Details for the Selected Computers
System information hardware overview
System Information: Here were can get an overview of the selected hardware
system info applications
System Information: You can see all of the installed applications on the machines. Lets say I want Chrome removed from all of the machines I’ve selected because I’m moving to Edge… consider it done!

Hardware / Firmware Dashboard

Hardware / Firmware Dashboards
This dashboard is great, it empowers you to make custom reports based on your hardware. I wish I had more hardware in my lab, this would look way more cool.  How nice is this? You can drill down to a model, see your BIOS Version, make sure you’re avoiding drift.

Large Collection Support: In this release, we also were able to increase the collection sizes we can take action on by changing the method in which we try actions on those larger collections. Let us know if you see improvements, because you should!

Join the 4.2 webinar on April 29th / 30th to learn more.

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