Webinar Recording: Deploy Single-Purpose Kiosk Devices with ConfigMgr

Do you have a need to lock down devices to support kiosk-style requirements, such as computer labs or digital signage? Watch this webinar recording to see a walkthrough of how to set up these single-purpose devices with ConfigMgr, using Right Click Tools’ Kiosk Manager. Get a deep dive into features including shell replacement, automatic login, restart on idle and more.

Audience Q&A:

Q: When modifying a profile is it best to remove completely or simply rerun the profile? A: You can do either  one, it will automatically remove and apply the new profile (or changed profile)

Q: Is the automatic login user password stored in plain text, in registry for example? A: The auto  login info is stored in a couple different ways, when you are saving it in  the database we are storing it in a reversible encrypted format (it has to  reversible so we can encrypt it and apply it to a device), any time you are  using auto login, you’ll want to make sure that account has as limited access  as possible. When we do apply the profile we save it inside the LSA secure  store on the remote device, so it won’t be in the registry.

Q: Is printing supported? Or access to the printer control panel only? A: If the  app allows you to print, we’re not restricting access to that. It depends on what is the device for that auto login user.

Q: What is the reason to keep applying the same profile over and over, for example every day?  Don’t we just need to apply a profile one time for a device? A: There shouldn’t be a need to apply the profile more than once. The scheduling example in the webinar was intended to demo the feature but there shouldn’t be a reason  to apply the same profile more than once on a device.

Q: Can we launch more than one app at a time? A: Absolutely, you can have any number of different apps launch.

Q: If Kiosk  manager doesn’t block users from accessing the local disk drive or registry  by default – what is the recommend method to block this access? A: We recommend using Group Policy for it, there are settings to hide the C Drive. You could also push out permission policies.

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