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What’s new in Right Click Tools: July Release Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of the new features added and bugs fixed in Right Click Tools for July. Each month we will provide a full recap of what’s new and each quarter we will publish a series of deep dives of all the big new features you’ve been asking for. Enterprise Customers can install the latest version by logging into your Portal Account.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Distribution Point Content not working with scoped security
  • SendRecastToastNotification – Custom image files not copying down
  • System Information – User Profiles – Delete Profile two grid results window shows an incorrect number of profiles
  • Send Notification – Recast Toast Notification fails for non-admins because C:WindowsTemp is inaccessible
  • SignalR – Increase max message size to 2MB
  • RMS – The given key is not in the dictionary error when scopes aren’t populated
  • Schedule Shutdown Tool – Value cannot be null error
  • RMS – Fast Channel routes allow you to save in an invalid state leading to routing failures
New Features Added
  • BitLocker Dashboard – Add support for filtering by device collection
  • BitLocker Dashboard – Add encryption method column
  • System Information – Software Tab – Add MSI code column
  • BitLocker Status – UI update
  • BitLocker Status – Force BitLocker Recovery Key on Next Restart
  • BitLocker Status – Regenerate Recovery Password for Volume
  • RCT Builder – Add Get RecoveryPasswordsFromDevice action to pull the recovery key from a remote device

If you have ideas for making Right Click Tools even better, we would love to hear them. Please share your new ideas with the community or vote for your favorites on our Feature Request page.


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