What’s New in Right Click Tools: March Release Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of the new features added, and bugs fixed in Right Click Tools for March. Each month we will provide a full recap of what’s new and each quarter we will publish a series of deep dives of all the big new features you’ve been asking for. Enterprise Customers can install the latest version by logging into your Portal Account.

New Features Added:

  • Add support for user targetted deployments in RemoteSoftware Center
  • Add errors UI to Remote Software Center to show errormessages
  • Add support for running all tabs of System InformationTool on multiple devices
  • Add support for running all tabs of Client InformationTool on multiple devices
  • Add support for ConfigMgr BitLocker Management in theBitLocker dashboard
  • Add support for Chromium based Microsoft Edge to KioskManager

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed RCT Builder crash when an invalid XML file isimported
  • Fixed issue with invalid data in the AD Cleanup Dashboardwhen no OU was selected
  • Fixed a bug in task sequence content tool that preventedit from working for users with restricted scope permissions in ConfigMgr
  • Fixed a couple of problems in Remote Software Center whenquerying the list of applications
  • Fixed occassional crash when activating a license

If you have ideas for making Right Click Tools even better, we would love to hear them. Please share your new ideas with the community or vote for your favorites on our Feature Request page.

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