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What’s New in Right Click Tools: October Release Roundup

Here’s a quick summary of the new features added, and bugs fixed in Right Click Tools for October. Each month we will provide a full recap of what’s new and each quarter we will publish a series of deep dives of all the big new features you’ve been asking for. Enterprise Customers can install the latest version by logging into Recast Software Portal.

New Features Added:

  • New Device Hardware Audit Dashboard provides an overview of the devices in your environment (see screenshots below)
  • AD LAPS tool can now reset the LAPS password expiration date
  • LAPS Password Expiration tool added to expire LAPS passwords in bulk
  • Server Status information added to Recast node
  • Task Sequence content tools now support DP groups
  • ReLAPS dashboard has a LAPS client installation dashboard
  • Open release notes action added on ConfigMgr updates and software updates
  • Start site backup action added to ConfigMgr updates and servicing node

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed issue where Recast Proxies in untrusteddomains were not receiving actions
  • Client Information – Install / Uninstall optionsgreyed out
  • System Information – Lenovo model numbers shouldnow show correctly
  • BitLocker Compliance Dashboard – Compliance datawas not respecting the OU dropdown
  • Kiosk Manager – Replace Shell will now show anerror message when the shell does not exist
  • Recast Management Server – Scopes could beselected before selecting a role in the UI, leading to unexpected results
  • Kiosk Manager – Apply profile no longer showsunconfigured profiles
  • Kiosk Manager – Fixed an issue that allowedsettings to inadvertently be copied between profiles
  • Runner – Fixed issue where condition evaluationerror messages weren’t being showed
  • Runner – String conditions do not evaluate
  • UWF – Invalid exclusions were added to theprofiles
  • MBAM BitLocker Recovery Keys – Error messagewhen copying key
  • Kiosk Manager – Reboot on idle does not workwhen shell is replaced
  • Kiosk Manager – Firefox URL does not work
  • Kiosk Manager – Relaunch option on browsersoccasionally results in the browser being launched more than once
  • Export to CSV – Fix issue when exporting datawith commas
  • Kiosk Manager / Runner – Scheduling an actionwith a recurrence interval of more than 1 day fails
  • Schedule Shutdown – Daily recurring schedules donot replace the existing schedule

If you have ideas for making Right Click Tools even better, we would love to hear them. Please share your new ideas with the community or vote for your favorites on our Feature Request page.

If you missed last months’ launch, check out an overview of what’s new in Right Click Tools 4.0.

Check out a sneak peek of the new Hardware Audit Dashboard:

Nested filtering mode of Hardware Audit Dashboard
Nested filtering mode of Hardware Audit Dashboard
Non-nested filtering mode of Hardware Audit Dashboard
Non-nested filtering mode of Hardware Audit Dashboard


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