What’s new in Right Click Tools: September Monthly Round Up

Here’s a quick summary of the new features added and bugs fixed in Right Click Tools for September. Each month we will provide a full recap of what’s new and each quarter we will publish a series of deep dives of all the big new features you’ve been asking for. Enterprise Customers can install the latest version by logging into your Portal Account.

4.4.2009 Full Release Notes

*it is recommended to upgrade Recast Management Server before going to this version of Right Click Tools*

Bugs Fixed:
  • RSC – DbNull error when returning user based deployments with no icon
  • Runner – Crash when launching a builder action from the dashboards
  • Content Distribution Monitor – Object reference not set…GetAllDistributedContent action
  • Quick Query – Not all collections are showing in the collection filtering area
  • TS Content Info – Add To DP throws an error on secondary sites
  • Fix Recast Agent and Desktop install issues when the TLS versions are restricted
  • TS Content Info – Null Reference Exception thrown when loading DP Groups
  • RMS – No error message is shown when a Recast action doesn’t exist

New Features Added
  • Redesigned RMS web UI
  • Web dashboard for AD Cleanup
  • Web dashboard for BitLocker Compliance
  • Web dashboard for LAPS Compliance
  • Support for sharing dashboard results
  • View results in web dashboard from in console dashboards
  • Improved OU and collection picker controls for in console dashboards
  • Error UI for in console dashboards

If you have ideas for making Right Click Tools even better, we would love to hear them. Please share your new ideas with the community or vote for your favorites on our Feature Request page.

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