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Software Update Compliance with Precision Filtering

As SysAdmins, we must always remember the three Rs. . . Report, Remediate, and Repeat. The Software Update Deployment Status (SUDS) dashboard, which is built into Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, does just that. You can use the dashboard to visualize update compliance in your environment. Filtering options allow for environment-wide views or the most precise targeting and reporting. Once the non-deployed updates are identified, you can fine-tune automatic deployment rules to improve future compliance.

Software Update Compliance with Precision Filtering

‍Precision Filtering with the Software Update Deployment Status Tool

This short video shows how you can take action on devices in the Software Update Deployment Status (SUDS) dashboard. This is a highly targeted compliance report for software update deployments. You can filter by collection, software update group, and category of update. You can also limit the results to deployed updates and use the slider to assign the number of days for compliance in the report.

The chart on the left shows you the number of compliant and non-compliant devices, and then with each device, you can drill down to see what updates the device is missing, and then take right-click actions on the device itself. The chart on the right shows you missing updates by category. With each update, you can see what devices are missing that update and then take right-click actions.

You can read more about this dashboard on our documentation site https://docs.recastsoftware.com/help/software-updates-deployment-status-dashboard

Each tool and feature of Right Click Tools is designed by SysAdmins to increase endpoint security and compliance in your environment. This dashboard is included in the Enterprise version of Right Click Tools. Download the Community version of Right Click Tools for your free 2-week trial of Enterprise today.

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