Celebrating Our Milestone: Recast Software Named 2024 Best Places to Work Finalist 

At Recast Software, our pursuit has always been two-fold: to develop top-tier products and to cultivate a positive and resilient workplace culture. It’s with immense pleasure that we share our achievement as a finalist in the 2024 Best Places to Work Awards—an accolade that underscores our dedication to building an enriching workplace aligned with our core principles. 

We’re in the business of creating standout solutions like Right Click Tools, Application Manager, Endpoint Insights, and Privilege Manager. However, behind the scenes, our supportive, vibrant culture serves as the backbone of our success. Our recognition as a finalist reflects a synergy of empathy, innovation, and curiosity. 

Empathy is woven into the fabric of Recast’s ethos, guiding us to better understand the experiences of both our customers and our team. We’ve built a space where learning from mistakes is integral to our evolution, fostering an environment ripe for experimentation, continual learning, and advancement. For instance, recent product updates for Right Click Tools, including Recast Agent list view modifications and Toast notification customization capabilities, stemmed directly from customer feedback via our Feature Request page. This customer-centric mindset drives the continuous enhancement of our software products and ensures that we consistently exceed our customers’ aspirations. 

Best Places to Work Finalist

Our culture values curiosity and a readiness for change. In this environment, questions spark new insights, driving improvements and innovations. We also recognize that a diversity of opinions and lived experiences is not just our strength, but the foundation of vital, probing questions and new ideas. By valuing and leveraging diverse perspectives, we create a richer, more adaptive environment. This ethos of inclusivity is evidenced by our leadership team, of which 45% are women—a testament to our commitment and a standout achievement in the tech industry. Finally, we do all of this with positivity and humor, because we know that a good laugh and a positive perspective can make all the difference. 

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we look to the future with excitement, ready to continue our journey as a leader in both the software we create and the workplace we cultivate. 

Discover more about Recast Software and our values at www.recastsoftware.com

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