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Recast Client Pre-Reqs – The Extras

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For Remote Support of Workstations, and to fully utilize the Right Click Tools, you need to have some settings configured in your environments, including:

  • ConfigMgr AntiMalware Policies
  • Desktop SCEP Exceptions
  • Server SCEP Exceptions
  • ConfigMgr Baseline
  • Enable Remote Registry
  • Enable WinRM
  • Enable Wake On LAN

Group Policy

Assumption, you completed the 3 walk throughs.

Confirm in Group Policy.. Here are my firewall rules that we just setup in those 3 walk throughs.

Group Policy Management Editor

Any my Remote Registry GPO

Group Policy Management Editor

Lets confirm on our workstation…

Computer Management
Before Running GPUpdate
Computer Management
Now look, the service is set to Automatic and Running
Windows Defender Firewall Advanced Security
I can also see that the Inbound Firewall rules setup in GPO applied to the machine.

ConfigMgr AntiMalware Policies

On a machine that you’ve installed the Right Click Tools on, in the install folder, there will be an “Extras” Folder with items for import.

ConfigMgr AntiMalware Policies

To Import the AntiMalware Policies, right click on Antimalware Policies and click Import [MS Docs] [PowerShell]

Antimalware Policies
Create Antimalware properties
No need to change anything, import using defaults
Antimalware Properties
After they are imported, they will show in the Console
Device Collections
I’ve created query based collections that contain the recast devices to make targeting these policies, as well as Right Click Tool Deployments / Proxy Updates easy. Check out this Post for instructions on making those collections.
Endpoint Protection Antimalware Policies
I’ve deployed the Recast RCT Desktop Exclusions to the Recast Right Click Tools Client Collection
Endpoint Protection Antimalware Policies
Similarly the Server Exclusions to Recast Management Servers

ConfigMgr Baselines

To Import the baseline, Right click on Configuration Baseline and choose import, then click Add and ad the 3 provide cab files [MS Docs] [PowerShell]

Compliance Settings Configuration Baselines
You can save time by importing all 3 at the same time
Configuration Manager
You’ll get prompted for each of the items, click “Yes”
Import Configuration Data Wizard
The Items are there, click Next
Import Configuration Data Wizard
So here we have our status of what is going to be imported, and we can see these were Configuration Items
Import Configuration Data Wizard
Compliance Settings Configuration Items
In the console, we can confirm we now have the 3 configuration items (CIs)

Now we need to make a Baseline and get them deployed out. Right Click on Configuration baselines and create new. [MS Docs]

Workstation Enable Remote Capabiltiies
Specifiy the name, then click Add, in the sub-dialog box, add the 3 items, once added, they will move from the top area to the bottom.
Workstation Remote Capabilities
Tagging a Category can help searching if you have a lot of baselines.
Deploy Configuration Baseline
Now lets get this deployed
Deploy Configuration baselines
For deployment, I chose Remediate and outside the maintenance window. You’ll want to follow your internal processes for applying changes. I choose the all workstation collection and have it run on the default schedule

Now that those are setup, the workstations will have their capabilities enabled to best maximize the Right Click Tools management abilities.

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