Uncover and Resolve Security Blind Spots with Right Click Tools

Its difficult to prevent and fix security issues if you don’t know they exist. Right Click Tools help to surface and remediate blind spots that otherwise slip through the cracks. Do you know how many devices in Active Directory are being managed? What about how many devices actually receive the updates they are targeted with? Our dashboards built into Microsoft SCCM surface common weak points like these and are paired with tools to quickly address problems that are discovered. Get a quick tour of the dashboards in this video: 

Active Directory Cleanup: Results show devices appearing in SCCM, AD, or both. Inactive devices can be removed from AD or SCCM directly.

Active Directory Cleanup Dashboard

BitLocker Compliance: Looks at all devices that are encrypted through a report. Non-compliant devices can be remediated.

BitLocker Compliance

Hardware & Firmware Audit: Separate hardware into groups based off manufacture, chassis, model

Hardware and Firmware Audit

ReLAPS Dashboard: Shows LAPS compliance for all devices in the environment. LAPS passwords can be reset and given set expiration dates.

ReLAPS Dashboard

Software Update Deployment Status: Display compliance for each software update in the environment​. Filter by collections, groups, updates, times, update types, and compliance​. Show any missing updates for an individual device and take immediate action to install selected software updates. Export results to CSV.

Software Update Deployment Status

Surfacing actionable data is a core tenant of what Right Click Tools is all about. When the teams who manage, provision, and support your technology have the tools they need to be better, every aspect of the business is lifted. Better security and compliance.  More reliable computers for end users. More efficient internal processes.  Happier employees, customers and partners.  

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