Microsoft Endpoint Manager Resources

Configuration Manager (MEMCM/ConfigMgr) has had a long life. And, with each passing year, things change. When I first started working, there were several forums for SMS, then SCCM, and now MEMCM/ConfigMgr. However, with the TechNet forums closed, if you need help, where are some of the places to look for assistance from your peers? That’s the question, so this blog post provides you with a list of Microsoft Endpoint Manager resources.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Resources - Networking

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Resources – Forums

The Microsoft Q&A forums are what has replaced the TechNet forums. Each Q&A (Questions and Answers) area is listed below. Remember that since you can tag a post within Microsoft Q&A, you can cross-post a topic within one or more areas. That’s what I call handy because it means that you don’t have to create two different posts for the same topic!

Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Intune



For the most up-to-date and complete list of Microsoft Q&A areas related to MEM, ConfigMgr, Azure AD and Autopilot, check out

Other Non-Microsoft Forums

The following forums/groups are listed in no particular order.

You will find that I pop into the Windows-Noob and Prajwal Desai forums fairly often. I like these sites, in particular, because first and foremost spammers are quickly removed. Only valid questions and answers are permitted.


What can I say about Reddit? My pet peeve with Reddit is that there is no easy way to follow a topic. At best you can use the RemindMeBot, but it’s clunky.




Microsoft Endpoint Manager Resources - Forum

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are both good and bad. There are many public groups, so you can always find one that interests you, BUT this is also where the bad happens. There CAN BE a lot of spammers in these public groups trying to “sell” you their latest “Udemy” course or something else. Good groups have moderators that will clean out the spammers quickly. Which is much appreciated! There are also a lot of private groups too. These groups tend to be better than public groups because before you can even join, you must be approved. Approval is generally easy. Just ask and 99% of the time you will be approved. This simple method helps cut down on the number of spammers. And, moderators tend to protect the group from spammers which isn’t always the case with public groups.

There are FAR too many Facebook groups related to MEM to list all of them here. Plus, I don’t recommend joining every single one because there is a lot of duplication between the groups.

Here are just a few of the Facebook groups you might be interested in following:

#Intune, #Windows10,#MEM #SCCM,#EMS #AD, #AzureAD and #CMG Yes, that is the group’s name.

SCCM – ConfigMgr Professionals Group

SCCM Admins Reporting and Automation


Similar to Facebook, there are a ton of MEM-related groups on LinkedIn. There is also a lot of duplication between them. So, I have only listed a couple of groups. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn tends to be more professional, so in my opinion, that’s definitely a plus.

SCCM Inventory and Reporting

SCCM Professionals

Do you have other Microsoft Endpoint Manager resources that should be included on this list? Let me know @GarthMJ!

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