Check the HP Warranty Status Again

When you know the warranty status for each of your computers, you can start budgeting for new ones and replacing older ones based on your companies’ computer lifecycle policy. Most large computer manufacturers, including HP Inc., have sites where you can check the warranty status of a computer by inputting its serial number. Did you know, however, that HP recycles its serial numbers every 10 years? This can make it very challenging when you are trying to determine the actual HP warranty status of both old and new computers.

HP Warranty Status Look-up Sites

There are at least two different places where you can check a computer’s HP warranty status. If you are only checking on one computer, go here, whereas, this HP warranty status look-up site allows you to check up to 20 computers at a time. They both use the same source to determine the HP warranty status and this brings us back to the problem.

In most cases, when the serial number is not duplicated, you simply enter the computer’s serial number and get your answer. Oftentimes, however, you won’t know a computer’s serial number is recycled until you are trying to find out its warranty status. What happens, then, if you have a computer with a recycled serial number? I’m going to use this recycled serial number, CND8080DZL, to demonstrate the problem.

HP Warranty Status - Check

After entering the serial number in both of the HP warranty status look-up sites, I am prompted (see above) to enter the product number before I can see the HP warranty status details.

Product Numbers

How can you get the product number? It’s not available in any automated fashion. According to HP’s website, you require direct access to the computer (i.e. you must physically examine the computer) in order to determine the product number.

In a small company with only a few computers, this is generally not a hard thing to do. In a large environment with thousands of computers, especially if Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr/MEMCM) is used, it isn’t practical to visit each computer to manually collect the product number information.

I happen to know the product number for each of the computers I’m using in this example.

HP Warranty Status - Notebook

HP Warranty Status - ZBook

Above are the results. You can see that each computer has the same serial number, but different product numbers and, as a result, a different HP warranty status. You might find it hard to believe, but it is not uncommon for companies to have computers that are 10-years of age or older, so the odds are fairly high that they have computers with duplicate serial numbers.

Warranty Information Reporting

How can you accurately determine the HP warranty status for a computer without having to visit each one for the product number? Enhansoft’s Warranty Information Reporting to the rescue!

Warranty Information Reporting (WIR), through a series of processes, collects the HP warranty status for all of your computers and returns the results to Configuration Manager. Using WIR’s automated process drastically cuts the cost (i.e. the time) of trying to determine computer warranties yourself.

Here’s what I mean. Below are screenshots of the details WIR returned about the two computers I used in my earlier example about duplicate serial numbers.

HP Notebook

HP Warranty Status - WIR HP Notebook

HP ZBook

HP Warranty Status - WIR HP ZBook

Notice that the warranty start dates are 10-years apart?

Enhansoft’s WIR removes the time needed to investigate and determine the product numbers for computers with duplicate serial numbers. Additionally, WIR is capable of retrieving warranty information from multiple computer manufacturers. WIR’s powerful engine delivers comprehensive reports for both Power BI and SSRS file formats to Configuration Manager in less than one hour. These reports help identify computers that need to be replaced and also aid with budget planning. Would you like to learn more? Please contact us.


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