Endpoint Insights

Endpoint Insights is Information

We are very excited at Recast Software to introduce Endpoint Insights. You may have heard that Enhansoft, along with its amazing reporting tools, is now part of Recast Software. Endpoint Insights is the fruits of the last few months of development. I’m going to highlight some of the great details you’ll see with Endpoint Insights, tell you about a new feature, and then give you some examples of how Endpoint Insights is information that you’ll want to have NOW.

Endpoint Insights is Information

Adds Items that ConfigMgr Doesn’t Inventory

Look at the screenshot below. Everything that starts with EI is additional data that is added to your ConfigMgr database by Endpoint Insights.

From the list, you can probably guess that we are adding additional data about Applications and Packages that are deployed in your environment. We are also adding information about Monitors – the type and resolution. As well, you can see what Local Groups and Local Users are on your computers. There’s information about ODBC and Shares. You can tell if SQL is installed on a computer and how many Databases exist. We also explore Mapped Drives as well as Mapped Printers. Using this data and adding details that exist natively in ConfigMgr, we have over 200 reports that give you new insights into your environment.

Endpoint Insights is Information - Resource Explorer

Endpoint Insights Dashboard

We’ve also added a new Endpoint Insights dashboard into Right Click Tools. This dashboard will show you information, from some selected reports, right in your ConfigMgr console. And, wait for it…

Endpoint Insights Dashboard

You can even run Right Click Tools actions directly from the reports! As you can see in the screenshot below, the actions are revealed by clicking your left mouse button. Yes, we know… it’s not quite Right Click Tools when you click on the left mouse button.

Locate Computers by Username

What can I do with Endpoint Insights?

Check out the two examples below: one related to security and the other to computer replacement budget planning. These are just two of the 200+ reports that are included with Endpoint Insights. These reports are possible because of the information that Endpoint Insights adds to your Configuration Manager environment.

Remove Rogue User Accounts

Imagine you’ve been given the task of removing a “rogue” user account from your environment named, “EndpointInsightsTest.” Someone in security told you they think it has been created on a specific computer, so you must go to that computer and remove it. Before doing so, you want to verify that it really exists on that computer. You load one of the Endpoint Insights reports that shows all the local accounts on a computer.

Here’s the list of local accounts on the computer in question, and yes! There it is. EndpointInsightsTest really is a local user on this computer.

Computer Local Account-Group Details

You can then take action with Right Click Tools to remove the local user from the computer you identified earlier.

This is done by opening the System Information tool. How do you get there? Right-click on the device, and you’ll see System Information in the Console Tools section.

Under the Local Group Members section in System Information, you can search for the username you are trying to find. Another option, if you already know where the user account is located, is to browse for the specific local user account.

Endpoint Insights is Information - System Information

Once located, you select the account and then click on the Remove button. Right Click Tools will remove that local account from the computer.

Remove Group Member

Next, click on the Refresh button. When you hit refresh, you can verify that the local account in question was deleted.

System Information

Now, you can let the security team know that it’s all been taken care of.

Computer Replacement Costs

Here’s another example of the amazing things you can do with Endpoint Insights.

One of the reports that we love showing is the Computer Replacement Costs report. This is something your organization may need to know as Windows 11 is rolled out and you find that some computers will not work with Windows 11, so they will need to be replaced. In this report you can set the amount of time you want to keep computers in your environment, and how much you are going to spend to replace them at the end of this time.

Endpoint Insights is Information - Computer Replacement Costs

After you have entered these details, or have used our defaults, you can select the Collection that you would like information about. Endpoint Insights connects with each computer manufacturer and by determining a device’s warranty start date, it knows the age of your computers. That way when you run our report, we can tell you when the computers will be beyond your planned lifetime, and how much it’s going to cost to replace them each year.

Computer Replacement Costs

You can also click on any of the underlined parts of the report to get more information about the computers in question.

Endpoint Insights is Information Video

I’ve put together a short video to show you the additional information Endpoint Insights adds to your ConfigMgr database that I talked about earlier, plus I show you how you can remove a rogue user account and use the Computer Replacement Costs report.

For more information, or to download the Right Click Tools 4.8 Community Edition release, where you’ll find the new Endpoint Insights dashboard, check out our website.


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