Customer Q&A: Lock Down Computer Labs for State Testing

Scheduling auto logins and locking down devices at scale using Right Click Tools’ Kiosk Manager helps to save time and minimize human errors. With 1 in 4 of our Enterprise customers in Education, Kiosk Manager (previously Lab Manager) is a useful tool to control digital signage, library kiosks, computer labs and more. In this post we dive into how one school district saves hundreds of hours by using Kiosk Manager to more efficiently administer their state tests.


Industry: Education K-12

District: St. Michael Albertville Public Schools (Minnesota, USA)

Endpoints Supported: 2,500

Interviewee: Chad K, Sys Admin 

How long have you been a Right Click Tools Enterprise Customer?  

We have used the Community (free) tools for about 6-7 years and became an Enterprise customer in 2018. We purchased the tools mainly because of the capabilities of Kiosk Manager.

What are your use cases for Kiosk Manager?

We rely on the tool to help ease the process of administering our state testing. We have 3 major testing periods per year that range from 2-4 weeks each, with up to almost 300 students taking a test at a time. Using Kiosk Manager, we have a generic user for each testing criteria and can set the computer labs to auto login using a generic user and launch each testing browser. We can deploy it in real-time too and changes are reflected immediately, which has been great. 

Are you launching the testing software?  

Yes, we auto-launch each secure testing browser, to its login window. We use a startup script to auto-launch.

Do you disable any keyboard commands?

As for now, we only disable the screen saver so it doesn’t lock-up during the test when there is idle screen time.

During test time, is there anything else outside of Kiosk Manager you do to the lab?

We deploy updates at night after testing.  We also auto-restart the computers at night to help keep the clients current.

How much time do you save because of Kiosk Manager?

During testing time, we save about 80 hours per week because of Kiosk Manager. Without the tool, we would have to have a Testing Coordinator in each building (8 buildings) go around to all computers in the labs and log in with a generic user to prep the test. They would do this daily during the testing window. Basically, it saves us a tremendous amount of prep time and made the testing experience less stressful for everyone.

Did this use case resonate with you as something you might want to implement at your education institution? Check out the blog posts below and please contact us to see how we can partner with you to make the best use of the Enterprise tools.

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