Introducing Endpoint Insights: Taking Enhansoft to the Next Level

Earlier this year, Recast Software announced its acquisition of Enhansoft. The move solidifies Recast Software’s commitment to helping IT teams quickly uncover critical data points, remediate vulnerabilities, and achieve greater efficiency, resulting in improved security for many of the world’s largest organizations. Now, after many months of product development, we’re introducing Endpoint Insights, the new and enhanced product offering. We call it Endpoint Insights because, well, that’s exactly what it gives you.

Introducing Endpoint Insights

Introducing Endpoint Insight

Endpoint Insights gives the most comprehensive view of your endpoints. Get instant access to hundreds of critical environment data points you simply can’t see natively in ConfigMgr or other ITSMs. 

Endpoint Insights enables you to: 

  • Gain complete visibility to your endpoints, including device warranty status, device age, software installed (including user-installed), all the computers, monitors, docking stations, printers, and servers in your environment, and who is accessing them. 
  • Make smarter decisions, including proactively budgeting for replacement cycles, resolving end user issues faster, and securing more of your environment.  

Taking Efficiency to the Next Level

We’re committed to making your IT department run smoother, more efficiently and with as few headaches as possible with total environment knowledge.

Endpoint Insights Features

Hardware Inventory Management

Remote employees, devices changing hands, and many other constantly moving pieces, makes maintaining a solid inventory very challenging. Endpoint Insights gives you a complete and accurate picture of your hardware environment, so you can plan with confidence.

Software Inventory

It is critical to know every single piece of installed software, regardless of who installed it, in order to ensure the security, compliance, and compatibility of your environment. Endpoint Insights gives you all that, plus what ConfigMgr can’t see, and keeps you well ahead of potential software licensing issues or excess.

Infrastructure Planning

When you have the complete asset intelligence that Endpoint Insights offers, replacing servers, printers, databases, and other shared assets can be smooth and seamless. You’ll have a complete, current inventory automatically and know which assets are being used or not, instantly giving you a path to smarter planning. 

End User Support

You’ll be better prepared for any service call – know what monitor, printer, and other devices end users have, what software is installed, and more. Give your service desk access to help them remediate even faster. And most importantly, see these issues before they result in costly downtime.

Powerful Insights Are Within Reach!

Endpoint Insights is a perfect fit for our existing suite of tools and greatly expands our asset intelligence offering. Learn more by scheduling a walkthrough or request a price quote

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